Houston Rodeo: What to Wear, Where to Park and Other Tips!



Boots: Well if you don’t have a pair of cowboy boots, nows the time to buy some! If you don’t own any boots, you probably are just looking for a good starter pair. I would recommend going to Cavendar’s – a great spot to purchase your first pair. Expect to spend between $100-$150. *Make sure to break in your boots prior to going to the rodeo* Nothing is worse than walking all over in new boots, you’ll end up with lots of blisters.


Dress or Jeans: The weather and how much time I want to spend at the Rodeo usually dictates what I am going to actually wear. Jeans and a top are always a safe bet. If it’s a nice evening, you’ll see lots of gals in cute dresses. Adding a light weight cardigan or a vest is always a fun touch too!


Purse: I always take a cross body bag because it’s so much more convenient when walking around trying to hold food and drinks.

Hats: Cowboy hats are course popular, so if you have one it is a great time to be able to pull it out and you’ll fit right in.


This can be tricky! You may know someone or are able to get your hands on a parking pass, if this is the case you can decide if you want to use it. To be honest, some of them aren’t that great and you’ll sometimes actually walk even further to get in.


These can either go well or really badly. There are limitations on how close they can get and of course there’s always surge pricing so beware!

  • Drop-offs and pick-ups are in the Green Lot.
  • Entrance Gate 13D off Murworth from the north bound lanes of Main Street is the only access to the lot. There is no left turn lane access allowed from the south bound lanes of Main Street. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 11.36.12 PM


This is my preferred method of transportation to the rodeo. There are several pick up locations around the Houston area. I recommend finding a location convenient to you and parking your car there.  The best part about the shuttles is they drop you directly in front of an entrance area and there are never long lines to get in as this entrance is for shuttle riders only. The lines to ride the shuttle at the end of the night can sometimes get long, but if you want to avoid that, I recommend leaving the concert a few songs early. It is free to park at all lots, except for OST 1. Costs vary between shuttles.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 11.42.42 PM

Nearby Cash Parking Lots:

You can find some cash lots around the area. Some hotels, restaurants and places open up for parking. This can be hit or miss and make sure you know where you’re parking somewhere it is allowed so you don’t get towed.

*More parking information on here at the rodeo website*


1. Prepare yourself for the crowds – it’s a busy place and lots of people, remember to enjoy yourself
2. Rain – There is no way to avoid being outside at some point and Texas weather changes in a moment – be prepared
3. Cash or Card – Pretty much everyone accepts credit cards, but it never hurts to bring a little cash
4. Allergies – if you are bothered by horses, animal dander, or lots of dust take an over the counter allergy pilll. I’ve had several friends (myself included) where some nights it just gets to you and you can spend the whole night sneezing
5. Be Polite to The “Staff” – The Rodeo is made up of tons of volunteers. The people at the entrance letting you in, those helping in the arena and many more volunteer their time so be courteous

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