Get To Know Me: Birthday Edition!

August 21st, 2017


Today is my 27th Birthday, so I guess it’s as good a time as any to share a little bit about myself. Below are 10 fun facts about little LEO Me!

1. I Love People, Especially Kids


2. I’m Obsessed With My Grandparents Marriage #truelove


3. Corndogs Are My Favorite Festival Food – Annual Rodeo Picture


4. I Was Miss America For Halloween 


5. I Traveled Across 7 Countries in Europe With These Amazing People 


6. I Love Wine, But Don’t Drink Beer 


7. I Once Got In Trouble At The Rainbow Roller Rink For Dress Code And Had To Wear A Provided T-Shirt


8. A Lot Of Who I Am Is Because Of A Magical Place Called CAMP FERN 


9. Hosting My Girls Brings Me All The Joy



10. This Was The First Birthday Cake I Ever Made Andrew In 2011 – Obviously Why He Married Me 


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