Custom Holiday Cards – Cheaper, Quicker, Better!

Mailing out our Christmas Cards is one of my favorite parts of the Holiday Season! But if you’re like me the season creeps up fast! It’s like one day I am buying Halloween Candy, putting out pumpkins and before I know it I’m behind on holiday shopping and trying to get my Christmas decor up quick enough so I can enjoy it for as long as possible! Then someone will usually ask for my address, so they can send me a holiday card and that light bulb goes off – “OH YEA, I NEED TO DO THAT!”

Well, say hello to Basic Invite your new best friend when it comes to Custom Holiday Cards or any other type of invitations. Why is Basic Invite better than the other companies you’ve used before you ask, well let me give you 3 big reasons!


1.Cheaper – Get More, Pay Less

The holidays are already expensive, from gift shopping to buying outfits for holiday parties – saving where you can makes a difference. Every year it seems like I am purchasing more cards than the last. Last year I purchased 55 cards and this year I needed 70. Basic Invite has allowed me to Get More, and Pay Less.

Last Year Competitor: Purchased 55 Cards (including printed envelopes) = Total $80.70

This Year Basic Invite: Purchased 70 Cards (including printed envelopes) = Total $82.32



2. Quicker – In More Ways Than One!

Everyone is busy during the holiday season, so who has time to spend hours trying to design a card that will look cute and festive? Basic Invite makes it easy with tons of amazing designs that are all so easy to customize. Here are the quick steps that I took to design my custom holiday card and checkout in LESS THAN 30 MINUTES!!

  • Log onto and create your account
  • Browse through the Holiday Card Options and pick your favorite design
  • Upload your favorite family photo
  • Customize the design with over 180 color options – you can seriously choose the color of every part of the card! Background, accent elements and wording
  • Final selections: Foil type, paper type, card shape, and quantity you need
  • Upload your address contacts to be pre-printed onto your envelopes
  • Proof check your card – or even have someone from Basic Invite do it for you!
  • Check out and get your custom cards as quickly as 10 days if you need!


3. Better – Customization Made Easy! 

My biggest annoyance in using other stationery companies is when I find a design I like, I don’t love all of the colors on the card. With Basic Invite they have over 400 designs in their Christmas and Holiday Collections alone and customizing them couldn’t be easier!

Below is an example of a pre-designed holiday card design on top and below is an example of how I easily customized it with my choice of colors in less than 5 minutes!

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 10.44.01 PM
Pre-Designed Card
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 10.49.24 PM
Customized By Me

The best part about designing your card is you can even order a sample of your custom card that will arrive in a few days to make sure you love the design just as much in person as you did online.

Happy Shopping Friends, Enjoy!


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