Food Lovers Guide – Houston Rodeo

Now we are truly talking about one of my favorite parts! There is literally something for everyone – so come hungry!


*IMPORTANT: You cannot take any food or drink into the arena where the actual rodeo show and concert take place. Don’t make a rookie mistake and buy your Kettle Corn Popcorn before the show or buy a fresh drink right before you plan on going in*

My Go To’s:

Corn Dog: The jumbo corn dogs are my #1 item! Sounds silly, but a good corn dog can be hard to find in every day life. Let me tell you hot dogs are everywhere, but corn dogs are a rarity. I always get mine from the Jumbo Corn Dog stand, but Flecther’s is also a very popular option.

My Corn Dog Place

– Tornado Potato Chips: This huge plate of swirly thin cut chips are too die for and great for sharing! If you’re really needing something salty after a some rich sweet fried food, these are perfect!

Potato Tornado Chips

– Corn: I love the corn stand! They have it in a cup and on the cob, both are good just depends on what I am in the mood for. If you get it on the cob, they will ask if you want it dipped in butter, don’t be a fool y’all #dipit (note: cash only booth)

Cash for Corn

– Fried Oreos: A good fried Oreo is just classic rodeo! Soft, sweet, chocolatey and topped wth powdered sugar – yummmyyy! This year I upped my game with a bacon wrapped fried oreo (Fried What Booth) and it did not disappoint!

Fried Bacon Wrapped Oreos

More Delicious Food: 

–  Giant Cinnamon Roll: Ever wonder what dreams are made of?! Hello GIANT cinnamon roll, gooey and oh so good! Located at the booth right next to marble slab.

Fried Buckeyes and Pickles from Fried What!

Fried What!: This is a whole booth dedicated to frying cool stuff and the line is usually super long! This is not the line to get in if you JUST want a Fried Oreo, the basics like Oreos and Snickers can be found anywhere. They are known for cooler items like S’mores, Twinkies and Buckeyes (which is peanut butter dipped in chocolate and then fried). Their fried pickles are amazing as well (spears and chips) but you can get these at several places.


The Cookie Dough Booth: So rich, but fun to try! You can have it fried or even dipped in chocolate and covered with nuts or sprinkles. Their cookie parfait is so yummy and the giant cookies well GIANT!

Fried Cookie Dough


– The Original Minneapple Pie: If you’re wanting to try something delicious and totally new to the rodeo, this is their first year at the rodeo. We taste tested their pumpkin pie with cinnamon ice cream and the chocolate pie with vanilla ice cream. Both delicious, great bang for your buck!

Fried Pies with Ice Cream

6 thoughts on “Food Lovers Guide – Houston Rodeo

  1. The Dough-E-Oreos at Fried What are my favorite. They get is just right where the cookie dough around the oreo is melted, but the oreo itself isn’t soggy

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  2. Loving the boots….except the Longhorn boots (I’m an Aggie lol!) Looks like alot of fun. I miss my home city!


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