Ireland: Staying in a Real Castle!

The girls in my office always call me Belle, from Beauty and the Beast (in fact that’s who I am today for Halloween) so I guess it was only fitting I stayed in a real life castle! The great news?! You can too! If you’re planning a trip to Ireland, which you totally should, this hotel experience is a MUST!! Check out their site here



The Experience

If you have ever truly wanted to feel like royalty, then you must book a night at the Dromoland Castle. The experience is 100% luxurious and one of a kind! It was my first time staying in a castle, but I have a feeling it won’t be my last.

The Rooms

What I loved about the rooms was that they were each different. Each room truly has its own personality! The rooms are spacious, the beds are comfortable and it has everything you need for a pleasurable stay. Their basic guest room (Queen Anne) is available for about $300-$350 a night.

The Grounds

The grounds are just absolutely incredible! The castle sits on 1500 acres of pure beauty. Driving onto the property will take your breath away. Evening walks through the grounds before dinner are perfection. The picture below was taken in the gardens of the castle and the photo doesn’t even do it justice.



Golf, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Archery, Clay Shooting are some of the actives offered on the grounds of the castle to name a few. My husband and I enjoyed an afternoon of clay shooting with the most pleasant guide. I would highly recommend this activity and it didn’t have to be planned far in advance, we made the reservation upon arrival.


“Be – Our – Guest…be our guest, put our service to the test!” Our dinner at The Earl of Thomond Restaurant was the closest I have ever felt to really being Belle. Make sure to make a dinner reservation when you book your stay at the hotel so you can get the night you really want. With amazing food, impeccable service and harpist playing in the dining room – you will love this dinner!



Located in Clare, Ireland just outside Newmarket on Fergus. If you are flying into the Shannon Airport, the castle is just 8 miles away.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.19.08 AM.png

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