A Real Life Love Story

Today I want to tell you all about the greatest Love Story I have ever witnessed. You may be thinking you are going to be reading a story about how I met my adorable husband, but no this story is dedicated to two very special people. My incredible grandparents are just as in love today as when they met over 70 years ago. You may have seen that my sweet Papaw has been sick lately and seeing my precious Memo take care of him inspired me to write this post. So to start, let me introduce them to you!

Meet Lois


Birthday: March 20th, 1928 – 90 years old

Loves spending her time gardening

Rides her bike daily when its not too hot out

Tech savvy with her iPhone and iPad

Journals every single day

Calls me her ray of sunshine šŸ™‚

Meet Robert (Bob)


Birthday: February 19th, 1928 – 90 years old

Graduated from Georgia Tech – Civil Engineer

United States Marine Corps

Loves his little yorkie Sophie SO much

Enjoys the “hat life” as much as me

Practically twins with my dad


How They Met

High school sweethearts, my papaw was the Class President. When one of my Memo’s friends asked her if she was going to the annual school hayride, she jokingly responded “only if the class president asks me to go.” Word got back to my Papaw so the next free period he walked up and asked her to go with him. She accepted and as they say, the rest is history.


Present Day

Next year they will be celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary! How amazing it that?! My favorite things about my grandparents is how apparent their love for one another is. From the way my Papaw still calls my Memo his girlfriend to the way my Memo still smooches his cheek just like they when they first met, my heart overflows just being around them.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please continue to pray for the health of my amazing Papaw – it means the world to me. I do plan to interview these two soon and ask them for their TOP 5 pieces of advice to keeping their love so strong for so long, so stay tuned. I am thinking I may even video interview them – we’ll see but either way I promise you won’t want to miss it!

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