Costa Rica: The Westin Playa Conchal Review


An hour drive from the Liberia Airport. The Westin Playa Conchal hotel is located in a rather secluded area not super close to any shopping or other restaurants, but the natural surroundings are so beautiful!


Hotel Overview

Rooms: The guest rooms are very spacious and spread out through the property. Each room has a nice little front porch with your own doorbell. I loved the size of the rooms, but wish they had looked a bit more updated and well kept. Beds were comfortable which is always a plus!


Pool: The main pool is very large and surrounded by nice lounge chairs. I did not love the type of stone/flooring around the pool area – SUPER slippery! One thing that annoyed me about this hotel was their “towel program” each guest had a towel card that allowed you to get 2 towels. For a Westin property it made the hotel feel cheap to me and the location of the towel hut is not very convenient.

Spa: I was surprisingly impressed with the quality of my massage and the facility of the spa. This was one of the best features of the hotel for me. I booked a 90 minute Sweedish massage for 10am one morning. After breakfast I arrived early to enjoy the facility and  loved the space – gorgeous, well kept, and quiet.


Service: I have to say I wish the service had been better at this resort. The staff was for the most part friendly, but I have to say I didn’t come across any of them trying to go the extra mile to ensure you were enjoying yourself. There were actually a few encounters where I was pretty shocked at how UNaccomodating staff members were. With this being an all inclusive resort (my first and probably last) I felt there was no incentive for the staff to take that extra step and really try and make your experience super memorable.

Grounds: For the most part the large grounds were well kept and the resort looked very impressive. I really liked the little “town center” area where the gym, bar, boutique, gift shop, etc were located. Something to note about this hotel is you have to walk to get a view of the beach. There are not beach views from the pool, restaurants, or most guest rooms.

Food/ Drinks

The food and drinks had to be the most disappointing part of this hotel. To be honest this would be the #1 reason I would not stay here again.

Breakfast: Your options are pretty much room service or the buffet. The room service menu is nice, but when we would call to place our order it would on average take almost an hour to be delivered. The buffet was, well a buffet. Felt very cruise ship like and there wasn’t anything I had that had me going back for seconds.


Lunch: I feel like pretty much everyone at the resort would have pizza for lunch, so there was usually a wait to get a seat or you can take it to go which also isn’t super speedy.  The pizza was delicious and by far the best thing I ate there at the resort. There was also a little palapa near the pool you could sit down and eat that served burgers, quesadillas, what you would normally expect. My biggest pet peeve was there was no way to order food while actually at the pool in your lounge chair – that was pretty crazy to me.

Dinner: Making dinner reservations(month of August) was a total nightmare. We tried to make reservations month in advance, but were told we couldn’t make them until we were on property. This resulted in us eating 2 of our 4 nights at the less than appetizing buffet.


Drinks: I feel like I must have had 200 pina coladas on the trip! They were my favorite drink, but didn’t seem to be the least bit strong. I love when hotels have a fun cocktail list to choose drinks from, I feel like it always makes me try something new – wish they had something like this.

Overall Experience

Overall I would give the resort a 3 out of 5, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Now don’t get me wrong, I had a great time with our group of 10 and the all inclusive style was very convenient with our large party.


** Honest Review – not a paid or sponsored post*

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