How To Plan The Ultimate Vegas Bachelorette – What Does It Really Cost?

Who’s In Charge?

Choosing the right person to wrangle how ever many girls you choose to go on your Bachelorette is crucial! You may feel pressured to give this task to the MOH – but if she doesn’t have the time, isn’t familiar with where you’re going, or is just plain unorganized arrange for someone else to be in charge.

I was BEYOND lucky that my sister Sarah was the perfect planner and is super familiar with Vegas. The quality of your trip heavily relies on the prep work, so the person in charge is key!

Sister – MOH – Pro Bachelorette Planner

Be Upfront and Pay Up Front 

Be realistic with your girls on how much the trip will cost. Sarah sent out an email that clearly broke down the cost of everything and the date she needed to receive full payment from everyone. Of course, flights were booked individually but to make things easier she personally booked the majority of the trip activities. She was firm, and if payment was not received by the due date – adios vegas!


Pick The Right Hotel 

You’ll want to choose your hotel based on the needs of your group. Taking into account things like the number of girls going, how much you want to spend per person, location and overall what’s important to you in a hotel.

For us, the Vdara Hotel was perfect! We rented 2, Two Bedroom Penthouses to accommodate our group of 12. Below is why the hotel was just right for our group.

  1. Price: Under $300 per person
  2. Sleeping accommodations for everyone (nobody on the floor)
  3. Bathrooms: 4 full baths and 2 half baths  – nothings worse than 12 girls trying to share one shower and one mirror
  4. Kitchen Space to make drinks and keep snacks/breakfast items
  5. Airport Limo Transportation – 2 limos to and from the airport
  6. Location: Right off Vegas Strip

We really loved staying here! This hotel does not have a casino and is also smoke free – which for us was great for us since gambling wasn’t a big portion of our itinerary. Also, unlike some the iconic hotels, the Vdara isn’t overcrowded with people just wanting to come see the hotel. Connected to the Bellagio, it was easy to get to the center of the strip by just walking through the hotel. Highly recommend it for larger groups!

2 Bedroom Hospitality Penthouse

Let Loose Right Away 

Most Bachelorette Parties are just a few days, so there is no time to waste! Our trip was 2 nights, 3 days and we wanted to make the most of every moment. Being the experienced Bachelorette Planner, Sarah recommended we start off the trip with a Pole Dancing Class. This was SO MUCH FUN! We landed, limo’d to the hotel, had a few drinks at the bar and off to class we went! This was the perfect start to the trip – everyone had a blast, loosened up and it definitely set the tone for all the fun we were ready to have!

The studio was less than a 10 minute cab ride from our hotel. Our 75 minute private class consisted of learning a pole routine and a lap dance routine – such a blast! The instructor was super fun and was very accommodating with all of my song requests (Beyonce – Partition lol) One other perk of the class was we received free entry to our Pool Party for later that weekend!

Thunder Down Under

This is a MUST DO!!! Seriously, more fun than I would have ever thought! Only downfall, I didn’t get pulled on stage (boo-hoo), but other than that not one complaint. Located in the Excalibur, the tickets were very reasonable at $57 each. The theater was actually smaller than expected so most seats are really good. I would recommend getting one of the long reserved tables – we had Table 12 and I thought it was the best spot! Friday and Saturday show times are 7pm, 9pm and 11pm. I seriously can’t wait to go back to Vegas and see the show again!

Pool Party

Vegas is famous for their pool parties, but the key is finding the right one for you and your group! There are SO many to choose from (Note: most are 21 and up). For us, we chose the Liquid Pool Lounge at the Aria Hotel. It was right by our hotel and we received free admission from our Pole Dancing Class. The pool area was really nice, had yummy drinks and a great DJ! I recommend getting there early when they open at 11am to get good spot. We rented a lounge area right off the pool and it was perfect! We wanted to have fun, but weren’t interested in a crazy pool party that brings in a B List Celebrity and is full of trashy people (sorry no sorry lol)!

Dinner On The Town

Picking a place for dinner can be hard because the options are endless! I recommend having your planner put a list together of three options and having the girls vote. We decided on LAVO in the Palazzo and it was great! We sat on the patio and the view of the strip was awesome! You MUST make a reservation, especially for large parties. Note, they don’t split checks at most of thee places so plan on having one person designated to put the bill on their credit card and then Venmo up later. Another one of my favorites is TAO located in the Venetian and I have heard Giada’s Restaurant is delish!

LAVO Patio Dining

Download Venmo – Duh!

Any trip with a bunch of girls will require paying each other back. Cabs, drinks, late night pizza runs lol Make sure all of the girls have downloaded the app and I promise it will make life to much easier. It also helps with awkwardness after the trip if someone hasn’t paid you back. Venmo is one of my MUST HAVE Apps – check out the other four I can’t live without in my Top 5 Apps Video here

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