Whole30: Day 15 Update

Thinking about trying it out? Here are my tips and tricks and what I have learned so far. Today I am officially at the halfway point of the Whole 30 Challenge!


Keys to Success

  • Buy the Whole30 Book
    • Buying the book is like the first step to committing. Having a tangible book that you can flip open at any moment is so helpful! It clearly defines the rules and more importantly explains WHY. Also, it is surprisingly more motivating than you’d think! Click here to purchase the book – plus it’s only $18!
  • Follow Whole 30 Recipes on Instagram 
    • OMG this account has been a lifesaver! So many awesome ideas for recipes to try. Also, just scrolling through and seeing all tasty food is encouraging that you really won’t starve during the challenge! Follow their account here
  • Connect with someone who’s completed the Whole 30 
    • Having a friend who has been in your shoes and can actually relate to your sugar withdrawals (it’s real) and other struggles makes all the difference. They can remind you that it’s possible to finish and will encourage you to keep going
  • Go Public on Social Media
    • In this day and age, relationships aren’t real until their FBO – so did you event do the Whole30 if you didn’t post about it? Letting the social media world know you are taking on the challenge holds you accountable and can be a great source of support!
  • Prep, Prep, Prep 
    • The reason Fast Food is so popular is because it’s FAST! Having “go to” food and snacks will save your life! Chop up fruit (my favorite pineapple) and have it ready to snack on. When I started – I made little trail mix baggies of cashews, almonds pistachios, and toasted organic coconuts chips to keep in my purse

Favorite Products

  • La Croix 
    • Seriously I drink like TWO a day! My favorites are Coconut and Berry, but there are so many! Pour in a wine glass with frozen fruit and feel like you’re treating your self! Click herto check out all their flavors
  • RX Bars
    • I keep one of these in my bag at all times! Not all flavors are compliant so be careful, but I love the Chocolate Sea Salt and Blueberry. You can get them at Snap Kitchen, Trader Joes, or order here online
  • Almond Butter 
    • Slice up apples or bananas and dip in almond butter for a real treat! It makes a fruit snack so much more filling. Such a great peanut butter alternative. Buy at your local Trader Joes or online here
  • Chile Lime Chicken Burgers 
    • Sometimes, you may feel like you’re missing the strong flavor from your guilty foods. Say hello to these puppies, packed FULL of flavor. Grill on your BBQ and top with fresh avocado and you’ll surely satisfy a craving. More info here


How I Feel

  1. Accomplished: I am so proud that I have made it this far and can’t wait to finish!
  2. Thinner: It sounds crazy, but I really do! I feel the difference in my body, especially feeling less bloated,
  3. Clear Minded: I have found that waking up is easier in the mornings and I have a clear mind throughout the day.
  4. Muscles Forming: I began the Whole30 to help lead a more healthy lifestyle and with that comes eating right and also exercising. When working out I feel more connected to my muscles contracting.
  5. Anxious: I am nervous about entering the “real world” of food again. For me, living Whole30 year round is not feasible, but I am hoping to find a good balance now that I have learned I really can give up things I never thought I could.


Thinking about doing Whole30 yourself, but still not sure! Have some questions about the rules, recipes or what more you can expect? Feel free to comment below or send me a direct message here I would love to hear from you! I’m happy to share recipes as well!





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